The Monetate Services team is a passionate group of ecommerce industry veterans dedicated to enabling business success with 1-to-1 marketing. We offer solutions that help you every step of the way, including implementation, training, and technical support.

Monetate supplemented our staff by providing in-depth strategy and expert advice that was always just a phone call away. We never would have had the confidence to take on such a transformative project without Monetate by our side.

Keely Conley
Our Campus Market

Whenever we need anything, whether it’s after hours or even on the weekends, a member of the [Monetate] team is always there for us. That’s something you don’t necessarily get from other vendors.

Jay Nigrelli
Destination XL Group, Inc

The campaign setup support we received from Monetate brought to bear the benefits of the personalization toolset, our technical and marketing ramp up was quick, and we actually exceeded the criteria we set.

Jonathan Newman
Office Depot

What we do

The Monetate Services team is an agile coalition of in-house experts and strategic partners that leverage a proven methodology to help you achieve a more insightful and personalized customer experience including testing and website optimization, all the way to 1-to-1 personalization at scale and across channels. Our solutions are completely customizable to your specific business needs.

Regardless of your starting point, you can leverage Monetate Services to help. Whether you need day-to-day guidance to execute your digital marketing programs or the development of an entire strategy, you’ll find that our services staff takes the time to understand what your long-term goals are. Therefore, both teams can ensure that your day-to-day strategies are aligned with those goals and can maximize ROI for both short-term and long-term goals.

Our customers work with us on all aspects of their digital marketing strategies, from implementation, training, and technical support—to more advanced developer support and strategic guidance. And, of course, we’re happy to help!

Want to get your team ready to deliver scalable personalized experiences quickly? From comprehensive plans to detailed roadmaps, we provide the guided onboarding you need to get up and running fast. Our dedicated training specialists will make sure your team is ready to make the most of the Monetate platform from day one.

At Monetate, we’re proud to be able to offer this level of professional services to our customers. This is just one of the reasons Monetate is the #1 personalization platform of the IR500.

Platform Support
Platform Support

Monetate offers a variety of tools to help get you and your team up and running quickly, including a detailed roadmap and guided onboarding too. Your team will have access to our Knowledge Base, which contains hundreds of pieces of content to help you out with any questions, at any time, and on your time. For your more complicated use cases, we also offer custom development resources so you can make the most out of your personalization strategy.

Strategy & Insights
Strategy & Insights

Our seasoned ecommerce consultants ensure that the deployment of the Monetate platform aligns with your strategic personalization objectives. When you work with our S&I team, you receive strategic one-on-one counseling backed by years of experience and rigorous data-driven methodologies. We work with you to deliver actionable and data-driven insights about your customers to maximize the overall impact of your personalization program and scale across your digital properties as you work towards 1-to-1 personalization.

Client Success
Client Success

Dedicated to your success with Monetate, the Client Success team is here to answer your questions, pair product features to your specific business goals, interpret results, and make data-driven recommendations based on your current performance. Our team is reliable and will strive to make your experience with Monetate a positive one.

How we do it

We work one-on-one with clients to improve ecommerce performance and deliver tangible results. We provide expert analysis, unique insights, and industry-wide best practices.

We rely on a consistent methodology to ensure our work provides real business results. Each client has a dedicated Client Success Manager who provides innovative solutions to your real-world problems and business constraints. Your Client Success Manager obtains a thorough understanding of your goals, ensures deliverables are initiated and implemented, and connects you with an impressive arsenal of thought leaders and ecommerce practitioners.

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Services Icons 05 Listen

We're good listeners

Feedback from our clients is valued. We strive to keep a pulse on what’s working and where we can improve. That’s why we have several mechanisms in place for the collection, processing, and implementation of client feedback.

We initiate periodic 1-on-1 conversations with each of our clients. We also send out an annual survey to help us understand your experience with Monetate. Select clients are invited to join working groups, which allow for direct collaboration between the Monetate team.

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