Monetate has been instrumental in the ecommerce success of countless consumer-facing brands.

Whether Monetate facilitates optimization of channels through testing and targeting or drives real-time personalization with our individual decision engine for customers, we’re getting rave reviews for the tangible results we drive, our ease-of-use and our world-class services! 

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Wonderful product to give you the data you need! The company says it is built for speed and it really is! I also love how i'm able to pull data from all sorts of "buckets" to get the data in need for different demographics, areas, etc.

[Monetate] helped me track weak points and strong points for our sales team to know where we are performing well or not well enough so we can target what we need to to be successful.

—Travis H., via G2 Crowd

We have used Monetate to understand who our customer is. Once we know that, we can use it to identify what their intent is. Personalization is a term being thrown around a lot all over the Internet, but it is really being put to use by Monetate. We can change many things on our sites based on who our customer is, or what they are interested in.

I currently use Monetate on most of our web properties, and plan on expanding. Being able to personalize the sites has helped us differentiate our sites from each other, although we still have a long way to go.

—Manager in Marketing, via TrustRadius

Monetate is a great tool to deliver personalized content to the customers where customers are seeing real-time personalization fitting to their behavior. It's also great to do A/B testing with Monetate as the customers are easily segmented and presented with different testing content. It provides a quick solution for site owners to dynamically insert content without having advanced technical background.

—Calvin Chang, Targeted Promotional Specialist, Newegg.com, via TrustRadius

Marketers are constantly faced with tough decisions, forcing them to run tests and make choices based on single tests or even gut instinct. Developing campaigns based on hope is not an effective strategy. Fortunately, with Dynamic Testing, we can build and establish tests along the way, and make constant incremental adjustments based on how each test is running. This has been critical to the evolution of our testing program and we’ve seen extensive benefits as a result.

—Adam Godfrey, Sr. Digital Marketing & Analytics Specialist, Frontgate

Monetate's testing tool is extremely user friendly, reliable and robust. The tool itself allows us to test content and functionality in 2-4 weeks where it would normally take months for our IT team to prioritize and build. Monetate's service is above and beyond. They assign each client a very knowledgeable and helpful client success manager who speaks with us weekly and answers emails daily when we have questions. They are proactive about testing suggestions and ideas and are extremely quick to respond to questions.

I could not recommend Monetate more. They are a wonderful vendor with an exceptional product.

We have improved conversion, average order size and revenue per session with tests we have run with Monetate. We have also reduced unnecessary labor costs by testing and phasing out processes that are not revenue generating.

—Laura S., via G2 Crowd

We were ROI positive with Monetate for the year within a few months. I think it's an incredible tool for startups and established companies.

Matt Kritzer, VP of Ecommerce
Tommy John, via TrustRadius

A great tool that allows us to make immediate changes to our site which would otherwise take months, maybe even years. We can test ideas, identifying what works and what doesn't before implementing. The staff. They are great to work with , patient and very knowledgeable. They listen to feedback and are constantly working to improve their tool for their customers.

—Jenna S., via G2 Crowd

Among the 3rd-party tools which we have integrated with our desktop and mobile sites as well as email, Monetate provides the widest variety of applications. Moreover, the UI is very intuitive for the team to leverage, and the Monetate client services team is very proactive and responsive. The combination of these three strengths has made Monetate the go-to application whenever the team wants to get things done on the site , whether it is a test or not.

—Parker B., Director of Ecommerce, via G2 Crowd

Monetate is currently used by our marketing division to display customized content based on customer behavior as well as A/B test different elements across the site. Being able to display the right content to each customer has allowed for more efficient marketing and effectively lower costs.

—Justin Liu, Targeted Promotion Specialist, Newegg, via TrustRadius

Favorite vendor! [The] team has always been very responsive—ensuring they understand our end goals and helping us to accomplish them—independently AND with their help. We find ourselves relying on the Monetate tool and team to fix/alter things on our website and mobile site in addition to testing functionality/messaging on our sites.

Benefits [of using Monetate include] increased conversion, increased add to cart, decreased bounce rate. [They] also enabled us to quickly adapt mobile site to make a more consistent experience across devices.

—Maya Clark H., via G2 Crowd

An optimized experience leads to happier users and more sales. It's a simple product that converts your site into a canvas ready to be adapted to your visitors needs. The implementation process it's simple and straightforward, once you've done it, Monetate gives you access to a set of tools to segment your visitors and create experiences based on who they are. The support team it's easy to reach and has a quick response time.

—David O., via G2 Crowd

As a publisher we have different needs and KPIs for our business vs. the typical retail client. Out of the box many of the targets and optimization opportunities were geared for other industries, but we've worked with Monetate closely so they understand our business needs and have created solutions that work well for our business. I'm continually impressed with how well versed everyone at Monetate is with their product, including the sales team we worked with. That's a rarity!

—Erin Hoskins, Sr. Director, Audience Development, Meredith Corporation, via TrustRadius

We use Monetate for testing and customization of our desktop and mobile websites. It addresses problems such as customer segmentation for site experience and messaging; providing more relevant products to specific buyers; helping to identify best actions based on multivariate testing; allows us to geo-target; etc. We also heavily rely on the tool to help workaround lengthy development times and costs. We are able to utilize the Monetate tool to do things such as mimic the experience of desktop site on our mobile site; add mobile optimized content/landing pages and product endcaps, which would take much longer to accomplish without Monetate.

—Ecommerce Manager, via TrustRadius

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