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April 18, 2017 | Press Release

Monetate Launches One-to-One Tour

Want to Delight Customers? Multi-City Roadshow Explores Techniques for Delivering Unforgettable Experiences

New York (Apr. 18, 2017) – Monetate, the worldwide leader in personalization, today announced its One-to-One Tour, a multi-city, international roadshow focused on strategies and tactics for delivering unforgettable customer experiences. The sessions are taking place in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Boston and London throughout May and June.

Consumers have more buying options than ever before and expect their online experiences to be tailored to their specific needs and preferences. To meet these demands, today's marketers must deliver individualized, in-the-moment experiences. Monetate's One-to-One Tour is designed to share actionable thought leadership on the latest approaches to tackling personalization that can help marketers in their quest for delivering compelling, useful and delightful experiences at every touchpoint.

The invite-only events will feature discussions led by Monetate executives and industry thought leaders like Forrester's Brendan Witcher. Attendees will also hear from other consumer-facing brands that have migrated from rules-based strategies to true one-to-one personalization in order to boost their acquisition and retention, drive significant conversions and increase revenue. The events will also feature hands-on workshops designed to demonstrate how brands can implement one-to-one personalization to deliver individualized experiences at a level that wasn’t previously possible.

“One-to-one personalization has become a hot topic on the executive agenda because it drives business results – both immediate term sales and enhanced customer relationships,” said Lucinda Duncalfe, CEO of Monetate. “The goal of our tour is to paint a broad picture of what one-to-one means, offer insight into today’s best practices and provide an opportunity for brands to network and share. We have a tight agenda that will leave attendees with a clear path to application in their own businesses. We hope to see you there!”

Join Monetate during its One-to-One Tour in the following cities:

  • May 16, San Francisco, The Penthouse at the Battery
  • May 18, Los Angeles, The Line Hotel
  • May 23, New York, Refinery Rooftop at Refinery Hotel
  • June 1, Boston, W Hotel
  • June 13, London, The May Fair Hotel

To learn more about the roadshow or to see the agenda, visit the One-to-One Tour website. To request an invitation to one of these events, contact

About Monetate

Monetate, the global leader in personalization software for consumer-facing brands, enables marketers to create experiences with improved relevance for every customer, increasing their engagement and boosting business outcomes.

The Monetate Intelligent Personalization Engine makes it easy to test and optimize, segment and target, recommend products, and even create true 1-to-1 experiences. With all this in one solution, marketers have the flexibility to leverage proven approaches to personalize the customer experience across web, email, mobile apps, in-store and other touch points for all aspects of the customers’ experience with your brand.

The most complete, powerful, and easiest solution for optimizing and personalizing your customers’ experiences, Monetate’s platform is:

  • Open, so you can use all of your data wherever it sits, push a decision to any touchpoint, and pull the results back into your data/analytics infrastructure
  • Real-time, to enable interactions based on a customer’s in-session behavioral and event data that get their attention in increasingly narrow buying windows
  • Simple, making  it easy to increase the relevance of offers, creative, and products you put in front of your customers
  • Powered by artificial intelligence, giving you the power to operate at 1-to-1 scale, for real

Founded in 2008, with offices in the U.S. and Europe, Monetate is used by leading brands around the world and influences billions of dollars in revenue every year for QVC, Newegg, Timberland, Carnival, The North Face, and hundreds of other market leaders.

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