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December 1, 2014 | Press Release

Monetate Influences More Than One in Three Dollars Spent Online on Thanksgiving and Black Friday; Data Shows Mobile Commerce Skyrockets

Ecommerce traffic and sales rise this season as savvy consumers take holiday deal browsing and buying mobile

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – Monetate, the leading provider of multi-channel personalization to the world’s best retail brands, announced today that its platform influenced a third of all U.S. ecommerce sales (or one in every three dollars spent online) during a historic Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2014. Data indicates increases in digital browsing and buying, and significant growth in mobile commerce.

Shoppers Move Online

Online spending reached historic levels as consumers moved online to both browse and buy this season. Online sales in the U.S. on Thanksgiving and Black Friday reached $1.01 billion and $1.5 billion respectively from desktop and laptop computers alone, according to Web analytics firm comScore.

Monetate’s data showed average order values (AOVs) started high and fell over the holiday weekend, from Thanksgiving ($179.59) to Black Friday ($163.49) through Saturday ($150.77) and Sunday ($136.20).

“Online sales on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday 2014 signaled a strong start to the holiday ecommerce season,” said Lucinda Duncalfe, CEO, Monetate. “And why wouldn’t shoppers be heading online? Retailers are offering more personalized, curated experiences online, as well as an earlier and extended online deal season. These factors are converging and helping consumers opt to stay with their families during the holiday rather than head to the stores.”

Mobile Commerce Skyrockets

Much of the ecommerce increase this season was bolstered by a dramatic and unprecedented performance from mobile devices. Overall mobile traffic skyrocketed to 44 percent of all online traffic on Thanksgiving and 42.5 percent on Black Friday – signaling greater sophistication among consumers in how they browse and comparison shop on mobile this holiday. Mobile sales also increased impressively this year, accounting for more than 28 percent of all online sales on Thanksgiving and nearly 27 percent of all online sales on Black Friday – up 16.6 percent and 13 percent respectively.

“The growth we are seeing indicates that shoppers are increasingly interested in shopping via mobile devices,” said Duncalfe. “Regardless of the device, when engaging customers on mobile or traditional online channels, it’s critical that retailers take advantage of all the data they have available to ensure each experience is relevant and personalized to the individual.”

As expected, online sales continued to grow faster on the backs of strong performances from both the traditional and mobile (smartphone and tablet) channels. The overall AOV on Thanksgiving was up 3.4 percent from last year and 2.8 percent on Black Friday. Despite the sizable boost in mobile traffic, traditional desktops and laptops proved the leader in AOV on both Thanksgiving ($185.65) and Black Friday ($169.80).

About Monetate

Monetate, the global leader in personalization software for consumer-facing brands, enables marketers to create experiences with improved relevance for every customer, increasing their engagement and boosting business outcomes.

The Monetate Intelligent Personalization Engine makes it easy to test and optimize, segment and target, recommend products, and even create true 1-to-1 experiences. With all this in one solution, marketers have the flexibility to leverage proven approaches to personalize the customer experience across web, email, mobile apps, in-store and other touch points for all aspects of the customers’ experience with your brand.

The most complete, powerful, and easiest solution for optimizing and personalizing your customers’ experiences, Monetate’s platform is:

  • Open, so you can use all of your data wherever it sits, push a decision to any touchpoint, and pull the results back into your data/analytics infrastructure
  • Real-time, to enable interactions based on a customer’s in-session behavioral and event data that get their attention in increasingly narrow buying windows
  • Simple, making  it easy to increase the relevance of offers, creative, and products you put in front of your customers
  • Powered by artificial intelligence, giving you the power to operate at 1-to-1 scale, for real

Founded in 2008, with offices in the U.S. and Europe, Monetate is used by leading brands around the world and influences billions of dollars in revenue every year for QVC, Newegg, Timberland, Carnival, The North Face, and hundreds of other market leaders.

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