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October 29, 2015 | Press Release

Monetate Announces General Availability of ID Synchronisation to Enable Cross-device Targeting in Europe; Marketers Can Deliver a Singular, Personalised Customer Experience Across Devices and Channels

Monetate surfaces insights from big data, helping marketers personalise based on customers, not cookies.

LONDON – Monetate, the leader in multi-channel personalisation for brands worldwide, today announced at its second annual Monetate European Summit the immediate availability of ID Synchronisation in Europe. A primary feature of Monetate’s Customer Intelligence Layer, ID Synchronisation automatically connects disparate IDs and identifies them as a single person, allowing marketers to create seamless customer-centric experiences across devices and channels.

Monetate’s ID Synchronisation ensures customers maintain a singular experience with brands across desktop, email, mobile web, in-store and countless other touchpoints. Understanding customers as the move between devices ensures that marketers have a holistic view of their customers, rather than incomplete fragments of data.

“Today, brands lose track of their customers every time they switch devices. The vast majority of customers start on one device and move to another while they shop. As a result, marketers may be completely missing prime opportunities to move customers further along their purchase journey,” said David Brussin, co-founder and chief product officer, Monetate. “ID Synchronisation helps brands reach their customers no matter what device they use and becomes the basis for understanding the complete picture of a single customer.”

Brussin continued, “With this latest addition to our Customer Intelligence Layer, marketers now have a huge advantage. Increasing the number of recognized customers helps improve the quality of your data and more importantly, your overall marketing efforts. By maintaining a customer history in perpetuity, brands can better understand their customers and increase lifetime value – something of critical importance as we move into the traffic-heavy retail holiday season.”

The Monetate Customer Intelligence Layer

The Customer Intelligence Layer unifies online and offline data and enables personalisation based on real people. With the Customer Intelligence Layer, you can recognise your customers across all of their devices and deliver relevant experiences throughout the entire purchase journey. The Monetate Customer Intelligence Layer is always learning, getting smarter with every click, interaction, and purchase. With the Monetate Customer Intelligence Layer, marketers can finally bring together all their valuable online and offline customer data and take meaningful action on it – in real-time.

About Monetate

Monetate, the global leader in personalization software for consumer-facing brands, enables marketers to create experiences with improved relevance for every customer, increasing their engagement and boosting business outcomes. Powered by artificial intelligence, the Monetate Intelligent Personalization Engine makes it easy to test and optimize, segment and target, recommend products, and even create true 1-to-1 omnichannel experiences. The company was recognized as an industry leader by two leading analyst firms in June 2018 and August 2018. Founded in 2008, with offices in the U.S. and Europe, Monetate is used by leading brands around the world and influences billions of dollars in revenue every year for QVC, Newegg, Timberland, Carnival, The North Face, and hundreds of other market leaders. Learn more at

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