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Website Optimization

What is Website Optimization?

Website optimization is the ongoing process of improving website visitor experiences to increase goal metrics such as conversion lift, reduce bounce rate or improve visit duration. This strategy uses controlled experiments that increase functionality, customer engagement and conversions across all devices.

The Difference Between Website Optimization and SEO

Website optimization is often confused with search engine optimization (SEO). Website optimization relates to updates that apply to users from any traffic sources. SEO is the process of updating onsite and offsite items to increase ranking in organic search to improve findability of a brand or products. Website optimization, although part of SEO, can be a completely separate process if SEO is not the focus of the web pages being updated and is focused on improving the experience for visitors once on site.

How to Optimize a Website

To properly optimize your website, you’ll need to know who belongs in your your target markets. This will assist in creating experiences that aligns to a given person’s segment based on their interests, behaviors, and other targeting criteria.

Next, you’ll need to create different versions of page elements or full webpages to test engagement results in a live environment. This is the basis of an A/B test.

Website Optimization with A/B Testing

An A/B test is a website optimization strategy where an experiment is conducted on a specific element on a webpage. For example, a call-to-action button is shown to live website users in one of two ways: the original design or a new design. Data is recorded for both variants to determine which design creates better user engagement.

Once a predetermined confidence level is reached, the winning experience is pushed to the full segment of traffic. A/B testing isn’t a “one and done” project. By creating an ongoing A/B testing strategy, you can improve various key performance indicators in all parts of your visitor path.

Multivariate Testing

Multivariate testing (MVT) is the creation of more than one A/B or A/B/n test on a webpage. This level of website optimization is best used on a page that receives a large amount of traffic to quickly determine which experiences are best for user engagement.

Testing each variant of an A/B test or MVT in a live environment and properly recording data to determine a “winning” experience is best performed with a proper toolset. Monetate Test & Segment™ has full testing capabilities to create an easy-to-manage website optimization strategy:

  • Easily control the publishing of content and creative
  • Full suite of data capture tools including sources like your CRM and POS to create targeted customer segments
  • Data analysis reports to determine “winning” experiences on a variety of metrics

Personalization for Website Optimization

Personalization treats each user as an individual instead of forcing them to be part of a pre-defined segment of traffic. By utilizing machine learning, you can serve the best potential experience to each person visiting your web property.

By connecting all of your data sources, the Monetate Intelligent Personalization Engine™ makes more intelligent decisions on your interactions with each customer.

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