Why I Nominated Monetate for a Timmy Award

By James Minshall

August 29, 2017

About a month ago, I received a solicitation to submit Monetate for a Timmy Award.  Having never heard of it before, I had to do a quick bit of research. I learned The Timmys, presented by Tech in Motion, recognize the best in technology work culture, management, and startups in 10 regions across North America, including my very own: Philly. The goal of the Timmy Awards is to recognize and celebrate the companies and individuals striving to create better places for tech professionals to work in their local communities.

Having grown up around the Philly area and spent all my working career here, I thought Monetate seemed like a great fit for the Philadelphia region award, so I began the submission process.

It was a little more involved than I initially thought...

I needed to select a category I felt best fit Monetate and fill out a detailed survey.  It really forced me to think about (and solicit a large amount of input from others via Slack) why Monetate is deserving of the award.  Though many categories were appealing and would also be accurate, I decided to choose the one which I feel best captures the unique essence of Monetate.  The "Best Tech Work Culture" stood out to me, based on my personal experience over the last four and a half years as a Monetate employee.

I feel very strongly about the culture here at Monetate and it’s not because we have catered lunch and comfy couches.  It isn't our generous PTO policy or the transparency that’s brought to bear for every department through our bi-weekly company-wide team meetings.  It’s not even the occasional dogs that join us in the office (<3 Carl) or the astounding amount of swag we get (literally half my wardrobe at this point).

More than any perk we have here, it is the people that make this place special to me.  The people I have worked with over the past few years at Monetate have changed me profoundly.

Through our many events like Monecon, competitions like Hack-Days, the conferences and classes we are encouraged to attend or help to host, like Pycon and Girl Develop It, Monetaters have formed a truly special community that can't be replaced by all the ping-pong tables or comfy Ikea couches money can buy.

People at Monetate are not merely co-workers, Monetaters have bonded on a level that exceeds the standard break room chit-chat or office gossip, and I think we are better for it.  At Monetate, you aren't emailing some faceless person in another department, just passing the buck.  More often than not, you are grabbing lunch together and working through a problem, face-to-face.  

We make it a priority to recognize and reward innovation and hard work.  Whether a simple thank-you on a Slack channel, or formal recognition of Being Monetate winners at our company meetings (complete with a very swanky Lava Lamp trophy), the gratitude Monetaters show one another goes a long way to bridge the traditional gaps across departments, and between management and employees.

The benefits go beyond recognition. It becomes increasingly difficult to silo knowledge, or compartmentalize teams when people spend time outside of work building real personal connections.  Whether you are writing out a nomination for someone who went beyond their day-to-day role to help you, or hanging out at board game night, or just catching up at a happy hour, Monetaters treat each other as the unique individuals we are and not just like generic, interchangeable employees.

The friendships and professional relationships I have formed at Monetate are the only reward I will ever need (even though I did get my name on the Lava Lamp).  People make the culture, and we have some of the brightest and, in my opinion, the best people at Monetate.

James Minshall is the Web Dev/QA Team Lead with a background in Digital Art from Elon University.  He currently lives in the Malvern/Paoli area and enjoys computers, board games, canoeing and running in the Tough Mudder.

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