Website Testing Wins: Time and Place Are Everything

By ​Peter Borden

March 12, 2012

We have all been caught at the wrong place at the wrong time. Coincidence has a humbling way of getting the best of even the most prepared.

Luckily for a national specialty retailer, they have learned how to use dynamic text technology to harness the power of time and place.


Everyone can agree that free shipping offers are highly persuasive at getting people to buy. But what kind of influence do they have in convincing shoppers to add another item or two to their carts to meet a purchase threshold—especially when presented during a crucial step in the sales funnel?

To find out, this retailer set up an A/B test in which a banner on the cart page used dynamic text capabilities to automatically notify shoppers as to how much more they needed to spend in order to qualify for free shipping. With each item placed in the cart, the banner updated until the minimum (hopefully) was reached.

With a little control over timing and placement of this messaging, the retailer was able to increase their average order value by 5.5%. Not bad for a text-only banner.

Peter Borden is a former marketing strategist at Monetate and was responsible for PPC and email marketing strategy. Peter's also an expert on the psychology of persuasion, influence, and conversion as well as an active iOS developer.

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