Website Testing Wins: Branded Product Badges Increase Conversion

By ​Peter Borden

September 20, 2011

Sometimes online shoppers need a little push to make a purchase. Drawing attention to popular brands is a proven way to pique an online shopper’s interest -- and encourage sales.

It's not about badging ALL brands. Just the ones that have some kick to them.

One client asked Monetate to slap a “Wind Stopper” badge on a line of jackets, and they saw their projected annual revenue jump by $2,684,000. Pretty impressive.














Of course, you don’t want to go ahead and throw a badge on everything! That’s why Monetate’s ability to test is so important. We give you the data that makes it easy for you to make the right decision about which brand to badge.

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Peter Borden is a former marketing strategist at Monetate and was responsible for PPC and email marketing strategy. Peter's also an expert on the psychology of persuasion, influence, and conversion as well as an active iOS developer.

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