Website Testing Wins: A Sale-Oriented Approach to Email Acquisition

By ​Peter Borden

January 28, 2013

Using lightboxes strategically for email acquisition is a website optimization best practice at Monetate. The operative word here is strategic. Since lightboxes are meant to be interruptive, you want to be judicious in your use of them so they enhance the customer experience.

wtw_sale page lightboxThat was the goal behind a super-focused campaign tested recently by an apparel retailer looking to see if it could strengthen its connection with consumers visiting the sale page of its website.

Figuring that people who showed an interest in its sale merchandise would want to be kept up to date on new promotions, the retailer served visitors to the sale page a lightbox that encouraged them to sign up for email alerts. The promotion copy played to this theory by reminding visitors that reduced-price merchandise can sell quickly—suggesting that email subscribers have an advantage in snapping up good deals first.

To ensure the lightbox didn't slow down the shopping process for those visitors not interested in signing up, the link to bypass the window was placed next to the "submit" button for a quick yes/no decision. The test also restricted the lightbox to display only once per visitor.

How did consumers respond to this in-the-moment approach? The retailer saw a nice 14% improvement to its email conversion rate.

Peter Borden is a former marketing strategist at Monetate and was responsible for PPC and email marketing strategy. Peter's also an expert on the psychology of persuasion, influence, and conversion as well as an active iOS developer.

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