Website Testing Wins: A Banner Response From Search Traffic

By ​Peter Borden

February 21, 2012

Last week, my colleague Adam Figueira explained the need to better coordinate pay-per-click advertising with website optimization efforts to turbocharge paid search results, not to mention conversion.

A good example of how to drive KPIs by thinking beyond the landing page, as Adam advised, is this consistency campaign conducted by a leading online retailer.

To help maintain the "scent trail" (as conversion rate optimization expert Bryan Eisenberg calls it), the retailer tested a banner ad placed prominently under its main navigation that carried over the same look, feel, and message of the paid search ad that generated the clickthrough. This banner then remained visible throughout the consumer's visit.

So, how did it perform?

The banner test drove a 2.40% lift in both revenue per session and average order value, not to mention improved conversion and ROI for the company's paid search spend.

All around, it's one for the win column.

Peter Borden is a former marketing strategist at Monetate and was responsible for PPC and email marketing strategy. Peter's also an expert on the psychology of persuasion, influence, and conversion as well as an active iOS developer.

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