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By Éric St-Jean

February 5, 2018

My name is Éric St-Jean, but you can call me ésj. I have a dream! I’ve had this idea in my head for a long while, and I think it would revolutionize customer experience… if only there was a brand that was brave enough to give it a whirl. Let me explain.

My role at Monetate is VP of Solutions Engineering, which means I oversee a group of engineers who customize our platform, implement advanced use cases and connect it to other systems for our larger clients. I see and understand the full complexity of the technology environment of brands. You’re probably drowning under data, with your head filled with grand ideas to leverage this data to meaningfully change the experience of your customers as they interact with your brand. And, I’ll bet you feel hamstrung.

So here’s my big idea. Imagine using your point of sale data to track physical transactions and joining those in real-time with purchases online and in-app. Then couple these transactions with economic data around each customer’s physical location. Run all these transactions and behaviors across the channels through intelligent learning models to figure out the correlations and next best action to put in front of each and every one of these customers. Individually. You with me?

Let me “supersize it” for you. What if you used all this information to inform what products to promote on giant screens in your stores? Or to add individualized product recommendations directly on the receipt for each customer? How about using all this data to inform stores on product placement? In real-time.

Now, I know you think I’m crazy. That this would take years to do. You would need to turn many batched systems into real-time pipes. You’d have to hire a data science team, or turn inefficient machine learning models your current team runs into models that can ingest all this data in real-time and give you instant answers. Not to mention spending millions on infrastructure.

But, guess what? It won’t. These capabilities exist today because we have spent those millions, we have hired those teams, and we have spent years putting in place a global infrastructure that can learn from over a billion page views every day.

We’ve added API’s to all those systems, not only to bring this data in, but to act on it. We connect to your systems and to your vendors’ systems so they can act on the decisions everywhere you touch the customer. And, perhaps most importantly, we can give you insight into those decisions because we don’t believe in black boxes. So are you ready to let us do the heavy real-time decisioning across your channels, to let your teams use our systems’ rich insights to inform your business strategy?

Perhaps you think even connecting those systems to Monetate would take months, if not years? Nope. Simply not true. We have an entire team of engineers dedicated to helping our customers do this. The team meets with all stakeholders, whiteboards solutions, pulls in the right contacts at your vendors, and does the work.

So, if you're a personalization daredevil and really want to shake up your marketplace, I can help you turn this or any of your wildest omnichannel dreams into reality. I encourage you to give me a shout. Here’s my email: esj at monetate dot com

As the VP of Solutions Engineering, at Monetate, Éric St-Jean oversees a group of engineers who customize our platform, implement advanced use cases and connect it to other systems for our larger clients.

Prior to joining Monetate, Éric has held multiple leadership positions in the last 11 years and has been working on software for 18 years, 11 of which working on SaaS products. Éric holds a Bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering from Carleton University and a Master's degree in Engineering from École Polytechnique de Montréal.

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