How to boost conversions with psychologically validated principles & more [This Week Today]

By Marc Hummel

September 16, 2016

Welcome to This Week Today, your dose of the five must-read marketing and tech stories from the past seven days. Here’s vol. #fifty-nine for Friday 9.16.2016.

1. Want to improve conversion rates? Basic principles from psychology can help [Smashing]

“It is often easy to overlook the underlying principles that compel people to take action. Instead, we tend to obsess over minute details—things like button color, pricing and headlines. While these things can compel users to take action, it is worth considering the psychological principles that influence users’ behavior.

2. Two brains are better than one. Why multi-concsciousness (AI + humans) is the future of everything [VentureBeat]

“When you combine our creativity and judgment with the inspiration and pattern matching capability of machine learning trained on millions or even billions of data points, you can get something truly magical.”

3. The surprising future of L’oréal: mobile, social, and synthetic skin [brandchannel]

“L’Oréal has partnered with bioprinting startup Organovo to print 3D living, breathing derma. The company also invested in the Founders Factory, a global multisector digital accelerator and incubator as exclusive partner for investments in beauty tech startups worldwide.”

4. Is subscription retail a viable long-term business model? [The Robin Report]

“We turned to our Checkout Tracking service to see how popular subscription retailers were faring in the context of the larger online retail universe. We began with the beauty industry, which is saturated with subscription retailers ranging from those offering sample-sized products.”

5. Decoding Amazon’s fashion ambitions [Loose Threads]

“To comprehend Amazon’s fashion play, it’s essential to understand the long-term mindset of the company’s founder and chief executive Jeff Bezos. Speaking to Wired in 2011, Bezos explained his thinking.”

Marc Hummel is a former Content Marketing Associate for Monetate. He's also a part-time grad student at the University of Pennsylvania. He enjoys biking to work, reading, listening to podcasts/music, and eating ice cream. Usually not all at once. For more about Marc, go here.

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