Personalization: Walmart’s weapon in surpassing Amazon in ecommerce traffic… & more [This Week Today]

By Marc Hummel

July 29, 2016

Welcome to This Week Today, your dose of the five must-read marketing and tech stories from the past seven days. Here’s vol. #fifty-two for Friday 7.29.2016.

1. Personalization: Walmart’s weapon in surpassing Amazon in ecommerce traffic [VentureBeat]

“I’ve witnessed first-hand the power of personalized marketing to really drive a business at scale,” says Brian Monahan, former top marketer at “We grew sales by a couple of billion dollars powered by personalized marketing. It works.”

2. Why you still struggle with omnichannel—and how you can conquer the challenge [Retail Dive]

“Any omnichannel effort has to be designed around the user. It means the user’s got to be able to move easily from one channel to the next, because as consumers, we don’t think of them as different channels. The very name omnichannel almost implies that a lot of retailers don’t quite understand it.”

3. Brands born online, reshaping the retail landscape [New York Times]

“By cutting out the inefficiencies of retail space and the marketing expense of TV, the new companies can offer better products at lower prices. We will get a wider range of products—if companies don’t have to market a single brand to everyone on TV, they can create a variety of items aimed at blocs of consumers who were previously left behind.”

4. Birchbox tests Snapchat for customer service [Digiday]

“Birchbox tested [Snapchat’s video calling feature] on Monday. [They invited their] followers to call them from 2–3pm. There wasn’t a reason given for people to contact them; it was just a test. Within an hour, they received around 30 calls from a wide spectrum of age groups ranging from teens to mothers of teens.”

5. Pokémon Go: How advertisers and brands are getting involved [Creativepool]

Niantic’s VP of Strategic Partnerships [explains] how augmented reality could re-enchant the shopping experience: “I can’t wait to see the potential with Pokémon Go where going to a pharmacy will heal your Pokémon, or going to a fast-food chain will get you berries to feed them.”

Marc Hummel is a former Content Marketing Associate for Monetate. He's also a part-time grad student at the University of Pennsylvania. He enjoys biking to work, reading, listening to podcasts/music, and eating ice cream. Usually not all at once. For more about Marc, go here.

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