Where’s the Facebook of ecommerce? [This Week Today]

By Marc Hummel

July 15, 2016

Welcome to This Week Today, your dose of the five must-read marketing and tech stories from the past seven days. Here’s vol. #fifty for Friday 7.15.2016.

1. Back to bricks and mortar: how ecommerce has embraced the real world [The Guardian]

“While bricks and mortar presents an ever more compelling business case for online retailers, this does not mean they are following in the footsteps of traditional retailers; the retail space is being reimagined as something different, such as a gallery, museum, clubhouse or events space.”

2. The Facebook of ecommerce [Benedict Evans]

“As we all know, the internet changed how we chose what to read. It removed the old bundles and aggregation systems and created new ones, and those new systems result in different things being read in different amounts and from different kinds of publishers. It seems to me that much of this is going to happen to retail.”

3. Strides and stumbles for Snapchat advertising [AdAge]

“Influencers are flocking to Snapchat because it’s also poser-proof. You can’t just set a bot to tweet articles you’ve curated and build a following, like on Twitter. Content actually needs to be created—and it needs to be interesting—or people won’t follow you. What does this mean for brands?”

4. Pokemon Go is driving insane amounts of sales at small local businesses. Here’s how it works [Inc.]

“As Pokemon Go users traverse their towns, local stores, restaurants, movie theaters, and other businesses are capitalizing on this massive opportunity, driving huge amounts of foot traffic and conversions both with simple in-app purchases and creative marketing campaigns.”

5. Here’s a simple reason why Amazon is so obsessed with growing its fashion-apparel business [Business Insider]

“But why would Amazon be so obsessed with the fashion-apparel market, an area of which it owns less than 5% market share? Clothing has the highest online penetration rate among all retail categories in the US, and Amazon already leads the online apparel-shopping space.”

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Marc Hummel is a former Content Marketing Associate for Monetate. He's also a part-time grad student at the University of Pennsylvania. He enjoys biking to work, reading, listening to podcasts/music, and eating ice cream. Usually not all at once. For more about Marc, go here.

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