Walmart’s same-day shipping, human travel agents make a comeback, a new fashion tech incubator, and more [This Week Today]

By Marc Hummel

June 10, 2016

Welcome to This Week Today, your dose of the five must-read marketing and tech stories from the past seven days. Here’s vol. #forty-five for Friday 6.10.2016.

1. 7 big trends that are shaping the future of digital advertising [Adweek]

“This year’s [internet trends] presentation underscores the growth of mobile, particularly on social platforms that now control the bulk of ad spending and time spent by users.”

See also: Our roundup of Mary Meeker’s report for ecommerce retailers.

2. The App Store changed the way we buy software. Can Apple do it again? [The Verge]

“If the new subscription model becomes widely adopted, it will represent a fundamental shift in the economics of the App Store. Developers will be incentivized to sell their apps for a recurring fee instead of a one-time cost.”

3. Walmart will test last-mile grocery delivery via Uber, Lyft, and Deliv [TechCrunch]

“When a Walmart shopper selects home delivery, they’ll choose a time frame, and pay an additional delivery fee of $7.00 to $10.00. This fee will help to offset the cost of using the third-party car services.”

4. Technology made travel agents obsolete. Now it’s saving them [Bloomberg]

A roundup of four travel-agent apps, which put “top travel agents right in your pocket.”

5. Can startups really solve the tech woes of fashion retailers? [New York Business Journal]

Eight fashion technology startups teamed up with retailers Alex and Ani, Bloomingdale’s, Halston, Kate Spade & Co., Kohl’s, Macy’s, and more. Here’s what they came up with.

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