The Snickers “hungerithm” will drop candy bar prices when you’re in a bad mood… and more [This Week Today]

By Marc Hummel

June 3, 2016

Welcome to This Week Today, your dose of the five must-read marketing and tech stories from the past seven days. Here’s vol. #forty-four for Friday 6.3.2016.

1. How to win micro-moments [Think with Google]

“Mobile has forever changed what we expect of brands. It’s fractured the consumer journey into hundreds of real-time, intent-driven micro-moments. Each is a critical opportunity for brands to shape our decisions and preferences. After analyzing data, researching, and talking to real people, we have some insights to share.”

2. bets on bots, conversational commerce [SmartBrief]

“Over the course of four weeks,, which calls itself ‘the world’s leading destination for floral and gourmet gifts,’ made a huge push into conversational commerce, or the ability to place orders via chat- and voice-based technologies.”

3. The Snickers hungerithm will drop candy bar prices when you’re in a bad mood [Creativity Online]

Not sure how this one’s going to work out, but: “The special algorithm monitors the current mood of consumers online, and when it notices that people are starting to get angry, it drops the candy bar’s prices accordingly.”

4. Armarium lets you borrow luxury fashion from your smartphone [TechCrunch]

“Armarium offers a more hands-on approach to styling. The company provides access to a team of stylists who help customers via chat, in showrooms, or even in private homes in N.Y., L.A., and San Francisco. It also offers access to ‘House Stylists’ who you can call for last-minute questions about fit and style.”

5. Why Amazon is the king of innovation [ZDNet]

“What makes Amazon unique is that the company has never been content to ‘stay in its lane.’ At the core of Amazon’s innovation strategy has been one amazing accomplishment: it’s been able to extend itself without spreading itself too thin.”

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