Netflix knows which thumbnails will get you to watch—and why [This Week Today]

By Marc Hummel

May 6, 2016

Welcome to This Week Today, the five must-read marketing and tech stories from the past seven days. Here’s vol. #forty for Friday 5.6.2016.

1. How Domino’s put automagic pizza on every device [Wired]

“That willingness to take risks and break stuff often makes Domino’s the first, and sometimes only, retailer trying new tricks. Consumers respond to that.”

2. Netflix knows which pictures you’ll click on—and why [FastCompany]

“The service’s recent experiments with images reveal some surprising (and useful) takeaways about why people click what they do.”

3. Shopify’s online merchants can now offer same-day delivery via Postmates [TechCrunch]

“The company has teamed up with ecommerce software provider Shopify to allow its online merchants the option to offer on-demand delivery to their local customers at checkout. The service is live today in around 200 cities across the U.S., says Shopify.”

4. How brands are turning analog customer experiences into digital moments [Momentology]

“These analog-turned-digital moments provide a better customer experience by removing the potential for friction and by personalizing interactions, and show how easy picking up a coffee, a bike helmet, or a luxury sedan might be in the not-so-distant future.”

5. Instagram crams more ads in less space with video carousels [TechCrunch]

“It’s a savvy way for the company to give advertisers more flexibility through horizontal space so as not to further clutter the vertical scrolling feed. Now the carousels Instagram introduced a year ago can feature videos or a mix of clips and photos, not just still images as before.”

We find a lot of our links via TechREDEF—an awesome resource you should definitely check out. Images courtesy Shutterstock.

Marc Hummel is a former Content Marketing Associate for Monetate. He's also a part-time grad student at the University of Pennsylvania. He enjoys biking to work, reading, listening to podcasts/music, and eating ice cream. Usually not all at once. For more about Marc, go here.

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