Testing and Segmentation

Culture Of Testing
How to Create a Culture of Testing and Optimization

I’ve listened and talked to dozens of companies to discuss how they use testing to drive higher revenue, leads and traffic. As a result, I’ve become convinced that some have developed what I will call a ‘Culture of...

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EQ3 2017 Report: Are You Retargeting the Right People?

The vast majority of people who visit your website will leave without making a purchase. You won’t know the precise reason why they left without converting, but all of those exits represent a tremendous amount of lost revenue...

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How to Automate Your A/B Testing

In the world of personalization and ecommerce optimization, A/B testing does not get a lot of attention these days. It is, however, still one of the most popular and widely adopted optimization practices used by digital marketers--and...

Multivariate Testing: Breaking Down When It's Appropriate for You

According to Econsultancy's 2011 Conversion Rate Optimization Report, 53% of companies use A/B testing to improve conversion rates compared to just 24% using multivariate testing (MVT). And compared to all methods for improving conversion rate, A/B testing ranked...

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