Testing and Segmentation

Using Ai Personalization In Marketing
The Data is In: AI Personalization Leads the Way

Manual A/B testing, along with segmentation and targeting, are considered essential methods for website optimization. Marketers have long relied on these practices to improve customer experiences while delivering strong business results, and there is no doubt that they...

Culture Of Testing
How to Create a Culture of Testing and Optimization

I’ve listened and talked to dozens of companies to discuss how they use testing to drive higher revenue, leads and traffic. As a result, I’ve become convinced that some have developed what I will call a ‘Culture of...

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EQ3 2017 Report: Are You Retargeting the Right People?

The vast majority of people who visit your website will leave without making a purchase. You won’t know the precise reason why they left without converting, but all of those exits represent a tremendous amount of lost revenue...

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How to Automate Your A/B Testing

In the world of personalization and omnichannel ecommerce optimization, A/B testing does not get a lot of attention these days. It is, however, still one of the most popular and widely adopted optimization practices used by digital marketers--and...

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