Shopping Cart Abandonment

Merchandising Matters: Product Detail Pages

Now that we've covered tactics for merchandising landing pages and entry pages, as well as category pages and listing pages, we've reached the stage of the conversion funnel where product detail pages play their part.Depending on how effectively...

Cart Tricks: Focus on Website Technology to Reduce Abandonment

So far in the Cart Tricks series, we’ve covered how cart page distractions and confusion in the ecommerce checkout process contribute to visitors ditching their carts before converting. But there’s a really simple reason that often gets overlooked—and...

Cart Tricks: Help Your Visitors Help Themselves (and Convert)

There’s no silver bullet for reducing shopping cart abandonment. As a result, online marketers who attack the issue from many angles yield the best results.One angle no ecommerce company should miss: Optimizing the cart to make sure your...

Cart Tricks: Keep Visitors Focused to Boost Conversions

Online retailers face a consumer landscape in which shoppers are easily distracted, convenience oriented, increasingly sophisticated in their comparison shopping habits, and inundated with options. For those of you with kids, just imagine giving your child a can...

Website Testing Wins: Keep Their Eyes on the Goal

Checkout is a delicate point in the online shopping process. Online retailers work hard to present the right combination of information and functionality at this stage to maximize the value of a sale, without introducing any unnecessary details...

Traffic from Social Growing, But Not Converting

Before you read any further, go check your inbound referral traffic reports. Surprised to see how much website traffic is coming from social networks? Even if you've been on top of this trend, the speed at which traffic...

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