Shopping Cart Abandonment

Abandoned Carts: Beyond the Lightbox

In the land before ecommerce, shoppers went to stores knowing exactly what they wanted, and generally would not put something in their cart unless they meant to buy it. They certainly would not spend hours walking around a...

Website Testing Wins: Rescuing a Cart Recovery Campaign

Reminding a returning shopper who abandoned their cart on a prior visit to your website that you have saved those carted items for them seems like an ecommerce no-brainer, right? In fact, Website Testing Wins shared a success...

Cart Tricks: Addressing Doubt to Reduce Last-Minute Abandons

As commonplace as online shopping has become, many people still need reassurances that they're making the right decision when buying from a website. Concerns about product and shipping costs, value and/or quality, return policy, warranties, data security, and...

Rescue Abandoned Carts, Save Your Bottom Line

A review of the numerous studies that firms have conducted on shopping cart abandonment makes one thing perfectly clear: The average rate for the ecommerce industry never drops below 50%. But when you think about it, there's a...

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