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EQ3 2017 Report: Are You Retargeting the Right People?

The vast majority of people who visit your website will leave without making a purchase. You won’t know the precise reason why they left without converting, but all of those exits represent a tremendous amount of lost revenue...

Key Holiday Benchmarks to Track this Season

The days are getting shorter and the Halloween decorations are out. You know what that means. Pumpkin flavored everything and your massive holiday season to-do list just became more urgent. The NRF 2017 Holiday Playbook reports that more...

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Why Mobile Dominates Ecommerce for Moms

When it comes to consumer spending, women are in charge Female employment is on the rise, and their earnings are catching up with their male counterparts. Yet, women are still tasked with the bulk of household management responsibilities...

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The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment

What is shopping cart abandonment? Shopping cart abandonment is when shoppers put items in their online shopping carts, but then leave before completing the purchase — a major issue facing ecommerce retailers. Business Insider reports that $4....

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Infographic: Shopping Cart Abandonment and Tips To Avoid It

Shopping cart abandonment is a stubborn obstacle to selling online. Companies work hard to reduce their cart abandonment rate, but a percentage of shoppers still slip past. In fact, shopping cart abandonment rates overall are on the rise. Business Insider...

Why iOS 8 Can Mean Big Bucks For Online Retailers

It’s no news that consumers like to browse on their smartphones. But they like shopping around a lot more than they actually make purchases. Why? Because checkout and payment experiences on mobile are often clumsy, burdensome, and, in...

How to Increase Conversions Without Racing to the Bottom

In online marketing, and in conversion rate optimization in particular, there’s a relatively large danger of missing the forest for the trees. Some marketers are so obsessed with conversion rates that they forget to look at conversions with...

After the Conversion: 4 Tips for Customer Retention

Congratulations, your visitor just made it through [insert your coveted conversion action here].Go ahead and give yourself a little pat on the back. But make sure it’s a little one, because your job isn't done. Since it costs...

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