Segment Discovery

Testing Is Not Dead

I’m going to be completely honest. Yes, I wrote a blog post titled "Website Testing as We Once Knew It Is Dead" expecting to get the reaction that it did.While some people seemed annoyed at my post, others...

Upselling And Cross Selling
Are You Targeting These Two Valuable Travel Segments?

Here’s good news for travel and hospitality websites: In mature global travel markets, growth will remain consistent. But there’s a catch. For companies that want to exceed that growth, it’s critical to make the most of every single...

Website Testing as We Once Knew It Is Dead

When you don’t know a whole lot about your customers, the point of testing is obvious. You have to guess what’s going to work for them. Sometimes you guess right, sometimes you guess wrong. Very often, the outcome...

Conversion—Not Just for Web Teams Anymore

CMOs and their teams are starting to realize that there is only so much optimization they can do around the marketing spend to drive website traffic without looking at how those visitors are converting on the website—but they’re...

Live From #AgilitySummit: Day 1 Wrap-Up

As today’s Agility Summit 2013 presentations and roundtables wrapped up, there was a notable buzz in the air. And for good reason.From Mitch Joel’s keynote presentation to panel discussions on being relevant throughout the customer lifecycle, there was...

Web Icon Without Date
Being Relevant: The Holy Grail of Marketing

Consistently delivering compelling, relevant experiences that delight your website visitors is the holy grail of marketing. Those were the words of Brett Bair, senior director of strategic services at Monetate, during last week’s “Optimize the Customer Experience” webinar...

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