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404 Error
Creating Useful 404 Error Pages

Imagine the following scenario: You’re out skateboarding (like I said, imagine) one day when your pair of trusty old Vans finally give at the seam. Your sock shows through the gap. It’s pretty clear that it’s time to...

Why Focus on 2014 Now?

We all know that for the majority of ecommerce businesses, the back-to-school season starts around June, while everything for the holiday season must be in place by Labor Day.And while ecommerce sales, according to Forrester Research, will continue...

Website Testing Wins: In Search of Better Conversion?

According to Econsultancy, up to 30% of visitors to ecommerce websites turn to on-site search to find the items on their shopping list.The challenge wrapped inside this customer experience and sales opportunity is actually being able to provide...

Travel Keys
3 Ways Travel Needs to Personalize Now

This weekend, my fiancée and I started researching honeymoon trips. And it’s an exciting time for a few reasons: We’re obviously thrilled to get married, and we can’t wait to spend some quality time together on our honeymoon...

12 Ways to Be a Smarter Merchandiser

Having tracked ecommerce for 16 years with a focus on intelligent merchandising, the e-tailing group has learned this: The customer today is short on time, yet willing to research product and price to ensure they’re getting the right...

More Omnichannel, Merchandising, and Jellybeans at NRF

Yesterday, the National Retail Federation’s Big Show kicked off with a keynote session called “The Great Convergence,” which focused on the ways advances in technology have changed consumer behavior.Sound familiar? (See Monday’s Omnichannel All the Buzz at NRF’s...

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