Product Recommendations

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Introducing Monetate Intelligent Recommendations

If there’s one thing that can be said of customers today, it’s that they have choices and they know it. They might enjoy the power that comes with that, but sometimes the number of options afforded by a...

Report: Product recommendations best practices

We’ve all been there. Irrelevant product recommendations—stuff like recommendations for a scarf when you’re browsing swimsuits. “They must know I’m getting ready to head to the beach… can’t we do better than this? It’s 2015!” you say to...

How to Leverage Weather In Your Geo-targeted Marketing Campaigns

It’s hard to turn on national news lately and not learn some new, dramatic winter weather-related terminology. With debilitating ice storms and power outages in the Mid-Atlantic, sub-zero temperatures in the Midwest and record snowfall in the Pacific...

Is the Kindle on Fire or Burned Out?

When Jeff Bezos got in front of a national television audience on 60 Minutes the day before Cyber Monday to talk about delivery drones, many people passed it off as a publicity stunt to promote holiday sales. Basically...

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