Personalize Every Interaction—From Digital to In-Store and Everywhere In Between

By ​Jonathan Duch

January 23, 2018

Personalize every interaction. That feels like a dream doesn’t it?

Luckily, that vision is no longer a far fetched fantasy. Brands can now create personalized experiences across any channel—for real!

Until now, personalization has been primarily limited to online channels. While digital-only approaches are valuable, your customers think they have one relationship with you: and it spans across online, offline, in-store, email, and phone. To create an experience that makes the customer feel truly recognized, your personalization platform and strategy need to be in all of those places.

Monetate is here to put that theory into practice. We just announced enhancements to the Monetate Intelligent Personalization EngineTM (“the Engine”) to deliver the industry’s most flexible digital-to-physical personalization platform.

The Engine is the only platform that combines cross-channel customer identification, cross-channel action, and state-of-the-art measurement and optimization to build, grow, and automatically improve customer experiences. Those capabilities create powerful new possibilities in the level of customer care that you can offer:

  • The Engine enables personalization of products, content, and copy on any customer channel
  • The Engine links customers’ online behavior to in-store by notifying local stores via their clienteling app when a particular user browsed specific items online
  • The Engine links customers’ online browsing behavior to personalize the in-app experience and trigger relevant push notifications leveraging geofencing
  • The Engine enables a POS feedback loop that ensures that online product recommendations and email promotions can be individualized to reflect in-store purchases.

Imagine the possibilities:

  • Impress in-store shoppers with knowledge about their digital interests
  • Win back visitors and turn them into shoppers
  • Deliver real-time, relevant email communications that convert
  • Perfectly time promotions no matter where your customer is shopping.

It’s time to show your customers that you know and value them as the individuals they are—no matter where they are.  

What will you personalize?

The Monetate Intelligent Personalization Engine

Jonathan Duch is the Product Communication Czar for Monetate, where he oversees and directs cross-departmental product launches. Jonathan is a 10-year veteran of marketing technology software, and has pursued a career that has taken him from the US, to Europe, to Southeast Asia, and back again. He currently lives in the Washington, DC area with his wonderful wife, and can often be found running the local trails, or sailing in the Potomac River.

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