E Monster
Killing the e-monster

Think of a time when you couldn’t read your email. Not because you didn’t want to, but because you physically couldn’t do it . Maybe the WiFi was down, your computer was out of juice, your phone was being...

Mobile Shopping
Designing a better retail mobile app experience

Google just released a comprehensive report on mobile retail apps. It covers everything from discovery and search (of course), to product reviews and frictionless payments. In this post, we’re going to share what we learned from the report...

4 ecommerce essentials for a very merry holiday season

The turkeys have been carved. The family members have been appeased. Black Friday has been survived. Good job. Now get back to work. Forrester predicts U.S. ecommerce holiday sales will reach $95 billion this year, up 11% from...

Why cookie-based marketing doesn’t cut it any more.

Cookies. Love ’em or hate ’em, they’ve been the enabler of customer-centric digital marketing for a more than a decade now. Cookies allow you to archive previous customer behavior (such as cart and browsing data)—so long as the...

Mobile Guide
6 mistakes omnichannel rookies make (and how to avoid them)

The concept of omnichannel retail has been a hot topic at ecommerce industry events over the last five years or so. I’ve seen several standing-room-only panels and presentations discussing the “future of retail” and the “great new omnichannel...

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