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Back To School
Back-To-School: Retail Trends & Study Findings

With Labor Day just past, back-to-school shopping is now in full swing as parents rush to get the last details pulled together before the school year starts. (And for those of you everything at the last minute: We’re...

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3 Applications for Real-Time Personalization

Real-time personalization is becoming an increasingly common method for marketers looking to form a stronger customer base. If you aren’t already utilizing it, you should be. Here’s why: Presenting your audience with personalization in real time can give...

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The First Gartner Magic Quadrant for Personalization Engines

It’s a big day when your market segment is recognized by the industry analysts. This year, Gartner released the inaugural Magic Quadrant for Personalization Engines that analyzed and evaluated 18 Personalization Engine vendors. The Magic Quadrant (MQ) report...

Sorry Dog Amazon
Personalization and Amazon Prime Day

As a personalization vendor, we spend a lot of time studying how individualized and personalized experiences can help with many challenges faced by marketers and ecommerce organizations when it comes to driving conversions. So, just days after the...

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The Prime Day Problem

By now everyone is well aware of the Amazon Prime Day problem that occurred yesterday. The enticing deeply discounted deals and mass omnichannel marketing efforts successfully drove an unprecedented number of buyers to the site and crashed it...

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How a Product Recommendations Engine Improves Customer Experience

Product recommendations engines are a great way to deliver customers with an improved user experience. Through machine learning, manual curation, and specific algorithms, a product recommendations engine can help bring customers the relevant products they want or need...

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How to Turn Information into Insight for Better Buyer Engagement

Today’s buyers have an unlimited number of choices when it comes to everything and anything they might want. From clothing, to food, electronics, services, or other products—what makes them decide to purchase your solution over someone else’s? The...

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How to Use Content Personalization to Win Customers

Businesses that take the extra step to add a personal touch to the user experience are often the ones that have the most loyal customers. Approximately 73 percent of customers like to buy from brands that have created...

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