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EQ3 2017 Report: Are You Retargeting the Right People?

The vast majority of people who visit your website will leave without making a purchase. You won’t know the precise reason why they left without converting, but all of those exits represent a tremendous amount of lost revenue...

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A CTO Gets Personal about Personalization

I joined Monetate because I believe in Personalization and Individualization. I shop almost exclusively online. My home is fully automated. I'm an avid traveler, and I'm terrible at keeping up with my personal finances. The internet knows all...

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The 1-to-1 Vision Behind 10 Years of Innovation at Monetate

In commemoration of Monetate’s tenth anniversary, co-founder David Brussin offers his reflections on the role the company has played in the development of ecommerce marketing, and the journey of its growth into the full-fledged omnichannel personalization solution that...

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