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The 1-to-1 Vision Behind 10 Years of Innovation at Monetate

In commemoration of Monetate’s tenth anniversary, co-founder David Brussin offers his reflections on the role the company has played in the development of ecommerce marketing, and the journey of its growth into the full-fledged omnichannel personalization solution that...

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13 Questions to Ask Personalization Vendors

As Laura Vittori, co-founder TWOpointO Consulting discussed in our recent webinar, choosing the right technology partner is essential for personalization success. But making sense of all the options can feel overwhelming. Below we’ve shared the 13 key questions...

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3 Essential Elements for Personalization Success

On a recent webinar, Laura Vittori, co-founder TWOpointO Consulting, explained that personalization is a journey. We couldn’t agree more. Not only is it a journey, but one that’s totally worth taking. Personalization increases conversions, cements loyalty and improves...

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‘Tis the season for travel and exceeding expectations

This holiday season will be spurred by increased spending, and travelers won’t be holding back. More than 28 million Americans will fly over a 12-day period around Thanksgiving, an increase of 3% over last year. And that doesn’t...

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