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How to Get Personalization Right

It’s hard to image that investing in personalization can be anything but right. There are many reasons to invest in personalization. According to a recent article by McKinsey, “Personalization can reduce acquisition costs by as much as 5...

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GDPR for Marketers — Part 2

The effective date for the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is less than a month away (May 25) and organizations are scrambling to build new and auditable privacy and data practices to ensure compliance. There is a...

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The Landing Problem: How Product Detail Pages Trigger Revenue Loss

Let’s talk landing pages. Most ecommerce companies have made significant investments in engineering their websites to create the best possible first impression when a visitor arrives. Landing pages, then, are an important area of focus when considering the...

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How to Create a Personalization Plan

A wise person once said, “failure to plan is planning to fail.”  That could not be more true with your personalization and individualization initiatives. In fact, Monetate’s 2017 Personalization Development Study, which surveyed over 100 companies, found that 79%...

Eric Toda on the Essentials of Community Driven Marketing

Technology has been driving the evolution of marketing for as long as the field has existed, but the intertwined relationship between the two has never been more apparent. Social media is a prime example: online communities have opened...

Why Omnichannel Matters NOW

Omnichannel is the word of the moment, with everyone in ecommerce talking about the central role that it will play in the next phase of personalization. Certainly much of that impact will be a result of competition between...

GDPR Explained for Marketers – Part 1

May 25th is the day that the many marketers have been dreading…it’s the day the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) go into effect. This broad-reaching change to existing privacy regulations is a very big deal, however, understanding...

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Introducing Monetate Intelligent Recommendations

If there’s one thing that can be said of customers today, it’s that they have choices and they know it. They might enjoy the power that comes with that, but sometimes the number of options afforded by a...

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