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Constellation Research declares AI driven personalization the answer

Monetate’s research shows that only 6% of organizations are advanced in implementing their personalization strategy. This is particularly frustrating because marketers acknowledge that personalizing communications is a worthy goal. We know it increases loyalty, drives higher conversions and...

Five Habits of Highly Successful Personalization Rockstars

So, you wanna be an ecommerce personalization rockstar, huh? You’ve been hearing all about personalizing the customer experience and are excited about what it can do for your brand. You’ve followed stories of brands making their customer experiences...

Why Carousels Are Like Pizza Restaurants
Why ecommerce carousels are like pizza restaurants

We’ve all been in that meeting. Each merchandiser is pushing to promote their own product, especially when they are sitting on stock. “Let’s put the orange trousers on the homepage” says one, “we must promote the new season...

Blog Closing The Insights Loop Perhaps For Good
Reevaluating A/B Testing as a Strategy: Change is Normal

This is the first in a series of blog posts I'm writing to bust some myths that exist about a/b testing as a strategy. The first of these posts addresses the hypothesis that test results are absolute. Ummm, no. Actually...

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