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Best of #MonetateSummit day 2 (part 3: Monetate road map, etc.)

Had such a blast presenting the roadmap to the sold out crowd at #monetatesummit— Mrs Marina (@Marina_Rakhlin) May 20, 2015 Hope you enjoy them! (Backstory: We personalized 300+ attendee bags based on their preferences.) #monetatesummit

Monetate Summit starts tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the first day of Monetate Summit! (See also: Directions and venue info.)Don't forget to share your favorite Summit moments on Twitter and Instagram using #monetatesummit. The more you share, the more you can network and engage with...

I sent this, but they bought that. What’s up with that?

When premium footwear and apparel company Johnston & Murphy decided to add more robust tracking to their email campaigns, they turned to Customer Profiles & Monetate. In a recent blog post, Customer Portfolios used the example of...

What will conversion rates look like in 2020?

The resounding chorus you hear in the online marketing industry is that smartphones don't convert. Or at least, they do sometimes, but the conversion rates are horrendous. In 2013, studies like this one pegged mobile phone conversions at...

Ecommerce Derby
We made an infographic about the Kentucky Derby.

Really, that’s not entirely true. The infographic depicts a derby-style showdown of the industry’s most popular customer experience solutions—A/B testing, product recommendations, and personalization. We call it the “Ecommerce Derby.” We had a lot of fun making this...

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A counter-intuitive truth: Personalization CAN scale

An unseemly tirade for retailers with ambition: Part 3 We’ve been venting a lot lately. Thanks for listening. We got most of our frustrations out in our recent rant about personalization, but there are some things that...

Monetate featured on IBM’s Smarter Commerce blog

Our own VP of marketing, Kevin Young, wrote a guest post for IBM’s Smarter Commerce blog. It was posted today. Here’s an excerpt: Retailers have been surprising and delighting their customers with personalized experiences since, well, the beginning...

Why personalization is way more than product recos

An unseemly tirade for retailers with ambition: Part 2 There’s something we’ve been seeing a lot of lately and it’s really making us mad. We hope this doesn’t come out wrong. Lots of ecommerce marketers throw up...

People X Mouth
You can’t just personalize for email

An unseemly tirade for retailers with ambition: Part 1 It’s something we got off our chests in our recent personalization rant. We discussed the disconnect between what most retailers say (they want an actionable personalization strategy) and what...

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