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E Monster
Killing the e-monster

Think of a time when you couldn’t read your email. Not because you didn’t want to, but because you physically couldn’t do it . Maybe the WiFi was down, your computer was out of juice, your phone was being...

Mobile Shopping
Designing a better retail mobile app experience

Google just released a comprehensive report on mobile retail apps. It covers everything from discovery and search (of course), to product reviews and frictionless payments. In this post, we’re going to share what we learned from the report...

Eq 3 2015
Ecommerce data deep-dive: the past 2 years

We process a lot of data here at Monetate. In fact, during Cyber Week 2015, we influenced more than a third of total U.S. ecommerce sales. We’re proud of that number. It stands as a testament to our...

Eq 3 2015
Why you should care about your add-to-cart rates.

In the ecommerce world, add-to-cart rates sometimes get a bad rap. They’re not as sexy as conversion rates—which measure cold-hard cash. Plus, you might think most people just use their carts as shipping-threshold calculators, anyway. Right? WRONG. While...

4 ecommerce essentials for a very merry holiday season

The turkeys have been carved. The family members have been appeased. Black Friday has been survived. Good job. Now get back to work. Forrester predicts U.S. ecommerce holiday sales will reach $95 billion this year, up 11% from...

Eq 3 2015
Cross-channel consistency = crazy conversions

You might’ve heard that our latest EQ is out. You should totally grab a copy, because we dedicated the entire issue to how key channels performed for retailers in the 3rd quarter. And, as a little bit of...

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