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2016 Holiday Prep Guide
24+ Ideas for Q4 Holiday Ecommerce Optimization

This blog post was updated on October 15,2018.The 2018 edition of the Monetate Holiday Prep Guide for ecommerce retailers is now available. It includes over 24 ways you can tweak your ecommerce website to maximize conversions during the...

2016 Eq3 Thumbnail
EQ3 ecommerce benchmarks report just released

We just released ecommerce benchmarks for Q3 2016. Download your copy of the Monetate Ecommerce Quarterly Benchmark Report here. A special announcement This quarter, we’re introducing an exciting new update to the Monetate EQ. From now on, the...

Multivariate Testing: Breaking Down When It's Appropriate for You

According to Econsultancy's 2011 Conversion Rate Optimization Report, 53% of companies use A/B testing to improve conversion rates compared to just 24% using multivariate testing (MVT). And compared to all methods for improving conversion rate, A/B testing ranked...

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