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5 Instances of a Successful Omnichannel Customer Experience

An omnichannel experience should seamlessly engage prospects and clients across various checkpoints. With an omnichannel presence, you are able to allow your users to leave one channel and continue their experience on the next. To execute omnichannel marketing...

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The Essentials of a True Omnichannel Customer Experience

When it comes to delivering an omnichannel customer experience, there are plenty of moving parts involved. Brands may be inclined to invest as much time and budget as possible on their strongest channels, rather than spreading their efforts...

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Beyond Website Optimization: Omnichannel is Here to Stay

Beyond Website Optimization: Omnichannel is Here to Stay There’s no doubt about it: having a strong website optimization strategy in place is crucial for your brand. Over time, however, customers have expanded to platforms beyond your website and...

Back To School
Back-To-School: Retail Trends & Study Findings

With Labor Day just past, back-to-school shopping is now in full swing as parents rush to get the last details pulled together before the school year starts. (And for those of you everything at the last minute: We’re...

Why Omnichannel Matters NOW

Omnichannel is the word of the moment, with everyone in ecommerce talking about the central role that it will play in the next phase of personalization. Certainly much of that impact will be a result of competition between...

GDPR Explained for Marketers – Part 1

May 25th is the day that the many marketers have been dreading…it’s the day the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) go into effect. This broad-reaching change to existing privacy regulations is a very big deal, however, understanding...

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