More High-Performance Badges to Test

By ​Peter Borden

August 27, 2012

Keeping my promise from earlier in the year to tell you about successful product badging efforts as they develop, I've rounded up some new A/B testing champions that have produced really nice gains.

The first two wins, in particular, are important to consider now that consumers are getting ready to start their holiday shopping: free shipping (as noted in our infographic on the subject) and urgency are key factors in persuading visitors to convert. The third win is a great example of how badging can be leveraged as part of a more strategic, site-wide merchandising effort.

Almost Gone badging: A specialty products retailer scored equally impressive lifts in conversion, 16%, and add-to-cart rate, 21%, by letting visitors know when an item is low in stock.

Ships Free badging: By calling attention to products that don't incur shipping fees, an electronics/specialty goods retailer boosted its conversion rate by 4.95% and, even better, its new customer acquisition rate by 6.76%.

High Performance BadgeGet Dressed: Check Out Our Dresses! badging: Here's proof that you can, and should, extend badging beyond product thumbnails and product detail pages. An apparel retailer used a badge on its homepage and category page heroes to connect with return visitors who had purchased from a particular sub-category in the past—in this example, dresses. Two big benefits here: 1) the hero images are above the fold, getting immediate attention; and 2) the badge is targeted to purchase affinity, helping the customer access the merchant's dress section in just one click from these main navigation pages. The result was a solid 11.15% increase in average order value for this target segment.

There you have it—three great badging ideas to apply to your merchandising challenges. Steal smart!

Peter Borden is a former marketing strategist at Monetate and was responsible for PPC and email marketing strategy. Peter's also an expert on the psychology of persuasion, influence, and conversion as well as an active iOS developer.

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