Machine Learning and AI

The data types that drive the most relevance: EQ3 2018 out now

Marketers already know that one-size-fits-all is out. Segmentation and targeting techniques were developed in response to that realization, in order to cater to audiences with distinct characteristics so that tailored decisions can be made for different groups of...

Why Retailers Need AI in the Holiday Season

There’s plenty of hype surrounding Artificial Intelligence. As masterful marketing becomes more and more about a business’s capacity to leverage the best technology, cutting-edge developments like AI command a huge amount of attention in the space. In fact...

Karlies Post V2
The Future of Ecommerce is Looking Bright with AI

Editor's note: This post was initially published in early 2017. It was updated to in August 2018 to include new information.  As Monetate looks ahead, there’s one thing that seems to be a recurring topic around the...

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