Introducing ActionBuilder

By Adam Figueira

April 2, 2013

Today, we are happy to introduce a completely new way for marketers and other business users to create great website experiences for their customers.

ActionBuilder, an advanced inline editor, makes it easy to select and modify any part of the website, and to preview changes in real time. With it, marketers gain a new level of freedom to build custom experiences on-the-fly, and can:

  • Insert, hide, replace, or move creative, text, and markup;
  • Deploy fully-functional features, such as a social sharing widget; and
  • Exercise complete, code-level control to change anything, anywhere.

If you're a Monetate customer, and would like to get started with ActionBuilder, please contact your Client Success Director (CSD). Anyone else interested, please contact us today.

Adam Figueira is a former product marketing director at Monetate.

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