How Office Depot Used 1:1 Personalization To Send Revenue Through the Roof

By ​Jonathan Duch

December 18, 2017

Office Depot currently ranks as the 13th largest online retailer in North America. But, like so many other businesses, they started out as a small local company with a single storefront. What’s the secret to the tremendous growth they’ve seen since their modest founding in 1986? A steady focus on the customer’s experience, and a willingness to innovate and adapt to best meet their needs.

Ecommerce is a critical component of Office Depot’s business, and they’ve adopted a forward-thinking stance that reflects this priority. A Monetate client since 2014, they were one of the first businesses to transition from our testing and segmentation platform to the Monetate Intelligent Personalization Engine™. Their eagerness to be an early adopter paid off quickly: within just four months, they saw a $6.9M increase in revenue.

We’ve just released a case study that tells the story of how Office Depot used machine learning to revamp their ecommerce experience for their diverse customer base—a change that produced an immediate impact on revenue per session.

In the report, you’ll learn how the company identified a specific customer experience hangup, and then tackled the problem by combining a few key insights about their customers’ buying process with the power of machine learning. The result: a much smoother customer experience, and a correspondingly dramatic increase in conversions and revenue.

Download your copy of the Office Depot case study to learn more about the Monetate Engine and the potential of 1:1 personalization.

Jonathan Duch is the Product Communication Czar for Monetate, where he oversees and directs cross-departmental product launches. Jonathan is a 10-year veteran of marketing technology software, and has pursued a career that has taken him from the US, to Europe, to Southeast Asia, and back again. He currently lives in the Washington, DC area with his wonderful wife, and can often be found running the local trails, or sailing in the Potomac River.

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