Freshpair Shows a Flair for Website Testing

By ​Marifran Manzo-Ritchie

July 20, 2012

Freshpair's main focus has always been discovering ways to provide an easy and personal shopping experience. And nothing is more personal than the products it sells: underwear.

Offering everything from the basics to specialty lingerie, Freshpair strives to provide each customer with the right product for their needs. But to improve its ability to make these winning connections, Freshpair needed a more extensive testing program that would help it dig deeper into visitors' preferences.

Freshpair's previous testing tool allowed only three tests per month. This was a huge problem; not only did the marketing team spend countless hours debating which three ideas to test, but it was also limited to tactical testing.

"We're able to think big picture and run big thesis tests now," said Matthew Butlein, President of Freshpair. "Instead of just testing features and functions, we can run tests that discover what our customers are interested in."

Beyond increasing the number of tests it runs, Freshpair fosters a culture of testing by also:

• changing the structure of its marketing team

• evaluating hunches that would have previously died in discussion

• expanding its universe of website optimization ideas

Check out this free customer story, A New Culture of Website Testing, for more information on how the marketer benefits from a more agile website testing solution.

Zac Prutzman is an intern working for Monetate's marketing department and currently trying to produce his own sports blog (fingers crossed). He is a dual major at Syracuse University, studying Broadcast Journalism and Web Design.

Marifran Manzo-Ritchie is the former Director of Corporate Communications at Monetate. She has over 12 years of experience in helping companies create and share the messages that resonate with their target markets. In a previous life, Marifran worked as a radio news writer, producer and occasional on-air talent. She is always trying to learn the Italian language and the piano.

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