EQ3 2017 Report: Are You Retargeting the Right People?

By Evan McGonagill

January 29, 2018

The vast majority of people who visit your website will leave without making a purchase. You won’t know the precise reason why they left without converting, but all of those exits represent a tremendous amount of lost revenue: that’s what makes re-engagement campaigns such a crucial part of ecommerce strategy.

Retargeting can make a big difference, but only if you focus your efforts on the right groups that will bring real results—otherwise you’ll end up wasting even more money on an ineffective campaign. So how do you figure out who the best candidates are? The answer is in the data.

In our just-released Ecommerce Quarterly Report for Q3 2017 - The Win Back, we parse the data to reveal a comprehensive analysis of how to focus on the right people, so that you can reduce your overall costs for retargeting while increasing effectiveness. This report builds on findings from our EQ1 2017 - A Retention Story, in which we offered critical insights into the influence of recency on re-engagement. We dig even deeper in this next installment: you’ll learn exactly which customers are most likely to return, how to identify them, and how to re-engage them on-site when they come back so that you can make sure you get it right the second time. We also look at behavior patterns for existing customers, so that you can develop a strategy to turn first-time visitors into long-term customers that will last a lifetime.

Best of all, these insights will increase the value of data you already hold, so that you can take advantage of the information you already collect and use it to recover lost revenue from all of those bounced visitors. You’ll find all of this, plus the valuable ecommerce metrics in the quarterly Monetate Benchmark Report, when you download your free copy of the EQ3 2017 today.

Evan McGonagill is a content writer for Monetate, where she researches and produces whitepapers, blog posts, and other material about commerce and personalization. Evan has a background in libraries and archives, and she uses her interest in the structure and flow of information to think about how brands can harness data to build more personal connections with their customers. When she isn't in the library or learning about personalization, you can find her playing music in West Philadelphia.

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