Back To School Kid
Acing Your Back-to-School Strategy

Pop quiz: What’s the second most lucrative e-commerce shopping season? If you guessed “back to school,” congratulations; you’re at the head of the class. If you’re wondering how you just got your kids into summer camp and are...

Serve it in 60: Optimizing Your Navigation Bar

Imagine you run a large brick and mortar store. You have a wide array of products and a ton of foot traffic, but there’s a problem: People can’t figure out how to navigate your store. They wander around...

IWWIWWWIWI—The Acronym Driving Your Customers

IWWIWWWIWI. It’s a mouthful of an acronym, and isn’t easy to figure out, but it’s incredibly important for marketers to understand.It stands for I want, what I want, where and when I want it. I came across the...

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