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How one UK grocer used customer data to sell more turkeys

Waitrose is a brick-and-mortar chain of British supermarkets with a strong ecommerce presence. The first location opened in 1904. What started as a small grocery store in West London is now a regional chain with 350 locations scattered...

Will Amazon Prime Day boom or bust this year?

Call it a gimmick. Call it a let down. Call it a brilliant marketing coup. Whatever you call it, the second-annual Amazon Prime Day (tomorrow, July 12) is definitely something we in the world of ecommerce should pay...

How to target promotions for back-to-school shoppers

It's mid-July, which means three things: It's hot. All the big summer movies have already been released. The back-to-school shopping season is quickly approaching its crescendo.Back-to-school spending is projected to increase to 4.6% year-over-year. And as many as 29%...

I sent this, but they bought that. What’s up with that?

When premium footwear and apparel company Johnston & Murphy decided to add more robust tracking to their email campaigns, they turned to Customer Profiles & Monetate. In a recent blog post, Customer Portfolios used the example of...

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