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Eq 2 2015
Conversion rates for iOS vs. Android: The last 2 years

One of the things we look at when we compile the data for the Ecommerce Quarterly is the ecommerce performance metrics (conversion, add-to-cart, AOV) by platform. Today we’re going to take a look at the historical context of...

Eq 2 2015
Is Mobile Bounce Rate on the Rise?

When we ran the numbers for ecommerce performance from Q2 2015 uncovered a host of interesting, surprising, and just-plain confounding trends. Our job isn’t to only keep the stats interesting, surprising, or confounding, however. Our job is to parse the...

Eq 2 2015
Ecommerce metrics in Q2: The good, the bad, the ???

Q2 was a pretty solid quarter overall. Key metrics, like conversion rate and average order value, made slight year-over-year improvements (up 2.6% and 1.5%, respectively) and made stronger month-over-month improvements (9% and 3.4%, respectively). Some of the most...

Eq 2 2015
Let’s not keep this offline: EQ2 2015 just released

We’ve just released the latest edition of the Ecommerce Quarterly for Q2 2015. It features all the usual goodies like industry-wide benchmarks, mini-case studies, and smart analysis and projections. But it also includes examples about how Monetate customers...

Eq 1 2015
The problem: Bounce rates are on the rise. The solution:

Remember that time (last Thursday) we said, “Spot the interesting trend there? AOV dipped slightly across mobile devices [in Q1], but actually inched up a tad for shoppers using desktop PCs”? We have another interesting trend for you...

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