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Eq Quarterly 1 2016
Just released: The Monetate Ecommerce Quarterly for Q1 2016

Get your copy of the just-released Monetate Ecommerce Quarterly report for Q1 2016. We take a deep look into where, when, and on what people are shopping. We came across some really interesting insights, including: 42% of all purchases happen within the...

Eq 3 2015
Ecommerce data deep-dive: the past 2 years

We process a lot of data here at Monetate. In fact, during Cyber Week 2015, we influenced more than a third of total U.S. ecommerce sales. We’re proud of that number. It stands as a testament to our...

Eq 3 2015
Why you should care about your add-to-cart rates.

In the ecommerce world, add-to-cart rates sometimes get a bad rap. They’re not as sexy as conversion rates—which measure cold-hard cash. Plus, you might think most people just use their carts as shipping-threshold calculators, anyway. Right? WRONG. While...

Eq 3 2015
Cross-channel consistency = crazy conversions

You might’ve heard that our latest EQ is out. You should totally grab a copy, because we dedicated the entire issue to how key channels performed for retailers in the 3rd quarter. And, as a little bit of...

Eq 3 2015
Ecommerce benchmarks for Q3 2015 just released

We’ve just released the latest edition of the Ecommerce Quarterly for Q3 2015. It features all the usual goodies like industry-wide benchmarks, mini-case studies, smart analysis, and astute projections. This edition of the EQ also includes examples of...

Eq 2 2015
How an Omnichannel Experience Wins Showrooming Customers

The idea of showrooming as a major threat to brick-and-mortar retailers seems to be fading. Recent research from PayPal suggests that shoppers in high-value verticals prefer researching online and then buying in the store. Other retailers such as...

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