Data and Analytics

The data types that drive the most relevance: EQ3 2018 out now

Marketers already know that one-size-fits-all is out. Segmentation and targeting techniques were developed in response to that realization, in order to cater to audiences with distinct characteristics so that tailored decisions can be made for different groups of...

5 ways to create segments that convert this holiday season

Website segmentation is a super-effective way to turn holiday window shoppers into holiday buyers. We’ve seen customer segmentation increase conversion rates and sales for the brands we work with every year. So what’s the best way to build...

This Week Today: How Spotify algorithms pick just the right song & more

Welcome to another edition of This Week Today, our roundup of the best retail + tech links from the last seven days. Here's This Week Today vol. #ten for Friday 9.11.2015.  1. Your smartphone can tell when you're bored[MIT Technology Review]"While using machine learning to infer your state...

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