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5 Instances of a Successful Omnichannel Customer Experience

An omnichannel experience should seamlessly engage prospects and clients across various checkpoints. With an omnichannel presence, you are able to allow your users to leave one channel and continue their experience on the next. To execute omnichannel marketing...

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5 Tactics for a More Personalized Website

Website personalization is now a must for many, but some don’t have the knowledge or the data to get their strategy off the ground. In fact, a report from Epsilon has found that 90 percent of customers find...

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How to Use Dynamic Content to Build Customer Relationships

Dynamic content allows you to shift the customer experience based on your customer’s needs. By personalizing content across multiple platforms, you can build interactions with your brand that your customers will remember. In order to do so, however...

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4 Keys to Utilizing Customer Experience Optimization

Customer experience optimization is the practice of continuously improving the user experience with A/B and multivariate testing, real-time customer data, analytics, and personalization. Optimizing the customer experience is an effective way to connect with users and bring...

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How a Product Recommendations Engine Improves Customer Experience

Product recommendations engines are a great way to deliver customers with an improved user experience. Through machine learning, manual curation, and specific algorithms, a product recommendations engine can help bring customers the relevant products they want or need...

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GDPR for Marketers — Part 2

The effective date for the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is less than a month away (May 25) and organizations are scrambling to build new and auditable privacy and data practices to ensure compliance. There is a...

Eric Toda on the Essentials of Community Driven Marketing

Technology has been driving the evolution of marketing for as long as the field has existed, but the intertwined relationship between the two has never been more apparent. Social media is a prime example: online communities have opened...

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