6 reasons to drop Maxymiser before it’s too late

By Monetate Inc.

February 28, 2015

Unless you’ve been living under a rock without access to the part of the internet that talks about SaaS news, you know that Maxymiser was recently acquired by Oracle.

If you’re a (former) Maxymiser customer, we think there a few things you should know. Things change when a company attempts to integrate a startup into an existing marketing cloud.

1. Attention

You were a big catch for Maxymiser. Your concerns and ideas were taken seriously, and they used your input to improve their product.

But when startups are purchased by a huge company like Oracle, those close relationships usually suffer. You’re just a regular-sized fish in a huge pond.

2. The innovation is over


The startup was focused on innovation, dedicated to helping you solve your business problems.


Engineering resources are often re-allocated to focus on integrating their product into the marketing cloud. Innovation typically suffers as a result.

3. Rising costs

Deals like the recent purchase of Maxymiser by Oracle are often bait-and-switch opportunities. When a startup sells their client list to a larger company, they often maintain the same pricing scheme—at first.

Slowly but surely, the acquirer cuts overhead (read: R&D) and jacks up the price.

4. Cloud wars

Oracle is focused on becoming a complete, full-service tech stack. Sounds like a noble goal, but the track record suggests this won’t work.

Oracle takes solid stand-alone products and shoves them into bloated offerings that are hard to use. Sure, they might be integrated, but you’ll spend all your time managing the software, not benefitting from said integration.

5. Once you stack you can never go back

Mid-size agile companies can afford to offer you an inclusive package of products and services to accomplish your long- AND short-term goals.

Bloated clouds survive by selling you add-on features and access to consultants (i.e. people who teach you how to use their unwieldy product).

6. Built for the mass market

Oracle’s solution is designed for everybody (and nobody). When a solution lacks focus, it ends up doing a mediocre job for everyone.

It’s like the guy at the party who says, “Oh, you like Arcade Fire? That’s my favorite band, too.”

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