Free eBook: 10 Best Practices for Website Testing, Targeting, and Personalization

By Hallie Mummert

November 3, 2011

The Top 10 Testing, Targeting and Personalization Best PracticesAs consumers respond to higher prices for food, gas and other basics, they've become intent on shopping around to find the best deals possible on the web. With visitors in more of a tire-kicking mood, online retailers' selling skills are being put to the test.

To be sure, free shipping and discounts are key to improving conversion in a struggling economy. But so is tailoring the shopping experience to each visitor’s (explicit and implicit) interests and needs. What's more, good targeting allows you to be more strategic with free shipping and price discounts, so you can hold the line on margin.

With plenty of options for customizing site content, it’s hard to pinpoint which exact tactics will blow the doors off your conversion rate—and which will barely get it out of the parking lot. Improve your odds of success by taking a page (or two) from this free eBook, The Top 10 Testing, Targeting, and Personalization Best Practices. Based on thousands of tests, run on a wide array of ecommerce websites, we identified nearly a dozen best practices that consistently lifted response, including:

  • targeting international consumers with the right messages;
  • consistency between email marketing and the website;
  • product badging;
  • calling out additional savings;
  • basic customer segmentation;
  • email acquisition;
  • adding a local touch;
  • adjusting messaging based on shipping location;
  • installing landing page anchors;
  • and shopping cart recovery.

What makes these best practices really powerful is that they work for small, mid-size and enterprise-level online retailers. Download your free copy of The Top 10 Testing, Targeting, and Personalization Best Practices, and start learning how to maximize your website ROI.


Hallie Mummert is the former managing editor at Monetate. For the past two decades, she reported on trends and best practices in the marketing field for Target Marketing, a business-to-business trade publication. She also moderated webinars and created paid content for the magazine's parent company, North American Publishing Company.

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