Video Transcription

LivePredict is the only big data product for marketers that directly empowers action. LivePredict is an automated segment discovery tool. And what it really does is helps tie all the data to analysis, and understand what it means to figure out what is the group of customers that’s most important for me to work on right now. Personalization is all about getting the right thing in front of the right customer at the right time. But there’s so many customers and everybody’s different.

So we have limited resources. We need to know what’s the most important thing for me to do next. LivePredict looks at all of your customers and it figures out what’s important across the business. But it does something that no one’s done before. It looks at all of your customers, marketing campaign by marketing campaign. So you can dig into one campaign and understand which customers that worked really well for, and which it didn’t.

So if a CMO runs a campaign, let’s say, across all of the US. And at the end of that campaign they look at how it did. It performed OK. What LivePredict does is it digs way down under the surface. And it says, that campaign that looked OK, actually was fantastic in urban areas. And it was really bad in rural areas.

There was something about consumers in urban areas that meant that campaign really spoke to them. And there was something about consumers in rural areas that meant that campaign was a miss. So before LivePredict, the CMO would just move on to a different campaign. What they can do now is they can understand where did this work really well, and where was it not effective?

And they can instantly take action to carve out the audience where that campaign was really effective, and do more of that, and find more of those customers. And they can take the part of the audience that wasn’t served well by that campaign and they can find something that works better. And that means that they can power a much better result for the business overall.

Smart marketers today are focused on the customer. And they’re focused on building a relationship with that individual over time. And they’re focused on what that relationship means to the brand in the big picture in the long term. There’s an opportunity for smart marketers to leapfrog the rest of the market by building those relationships with customers today. That means putting the customer at the center of their marketing organization. Understanding that customer, knowing how they can do a better job, and then doing it all in the same day.